Fireworks and the World

New Year just pass by as fast as a blink of an eye. It’s funny how short the margin of the new year occasion but it brings a whole lot more than what you think or expect. New Year brings different things for different people, It can bring them change, happiness and sadness too. Some might say that what happened in New Years is the same as any other occasion but for some it lights the dark path that was once bright for them.

My New Year was amazing because I get to see others, happy as I am. Of course I’m with my family. The other thing is I saw something that I believe is Magic. Why Magic? Because I was so amazed of what Fireworks did to people at that time. It’s as if everyone was being dragged to another world or It’s as if they were being attracted to it. I imagined people where floating because of they’re eager faces looking up at the sky which was lit by all those fireworks. I saw faces that hope for things they want in life, I saw families thankful because they have each other, I saw friends happy because they met each other and I also saw people who was happy because they have passed through every obstacle in their life in the past year.

Not that I researched or something, I just kind a pick it up while watching Television. It said that Fireworks was made to lighten the night sky for the gods or something. The thing is, I don’t know if the people then know how much happiness they will be able to bring to people when they were creating it but it’s thanks to them and their reason that we have something to look up at the night sky at New Years, something so beautiful that everyone can appreciate it the moment they see it.

Some might ask why people is always so happy that New Year is coming. I guess it’s because of all the new things that would come along with it. New toys, New experience, New Friends and also, some wish for themselves to be better than last year so a New self. No one can say that the feelings of each and everyone of the people around the world in that moment when they are waiting for the New Year is of just ordinary and such, because they would be terribly mistaken. If someone would try to materialize it and tries to weight it, It’s as if placing a mountain to what ever apparatus He/She is gonna use, that’s how heavy the feelings of the people I saw but It’s funny it’s not the same as the heavy negative kind of feeling, if anything it brightened the night more at that moment. It is special, that brief moment and all those peoples feelings.

“Beauty can be found in destruction” at least this is what I learned from Fireworks. Imagine a thing of destruction that shows so much beauty. Some might say its insane but its how the world work.

“You just have to appreciate what it brings not what it is”.



We have been studying words since when we are kids no doubt about it but when you’re a kid maybe you ask yourself “why do I have to study this?” you already know how to talk, isn’t that enough? but as you grow older maybe you don’t notice but your use of words change as you change. The number of words you say can go from little to who knows hows many or its the other way around. The reason why it also change is because of the things you go through in your life, be it hardships or joy it has a big part on how you will be in the future. The thing is you can also understand yourself through knowing what are the words you said in the past. With that said why is it that words are a big part of us.

Ever wonder how can one or more words change your feeling of everything. Like there is nothing more beautiful for you in that moment but the words you heard. For example, A man that have been waiting for so long for that sweet “Yes” of the woman she loves. All the hardships that comes along in waiting for her answer can’t be compared to the moment she says Yes to him. A word so important that the man resolved to wait to who knows how long until the girl decided to say yes. You can’t imagine the mans happiness after hearing that one word. Its kind of amazing what one word can do to people.

Between people, words doesn’t always bring out the best in them. They hurt each other with it to such length the pain they feel can no longer be express by words. Words can bring people to lose the things they want to feel. Not many appreciates that words can manifest just about anything your soul desires. And so somewhere along the way those unsure feelings are thrown at the world. Doing unthinkable things to people, breaking them to such length that the words they want to say just reflects the words thrown at them. Its funny how little things can flip everything you hold on to and how it can take away the most important things in your life.

Yeah words is not a very good thing to depend on. It can hurt you, make you feel sad and destroy you.

But words can be also be beautiful as it can be terrible. It can change a boy’s dream from being broken to being the dream he really wants to. It can give those people who have fallen and has no one to turn to but themselves, to depend on their feelings and hope that somehow the words they utter can change not just their life but others as well. Those words will make them more stronger and become more beautiful in the future. Words can make those who are about to cry smile as if their satisfied with how everything turned out. Words can make someone who is lost at his/her world to feel contented. Words can deliver a persons feelings, every little bit of it, wholly delivering every memory, emotions and feelings that should be felt by the person who would receive it.

I can go on and on about what good or bad Words bring but the one thing I can say is that “Words brings out the beautiful and terrible things man is capable of. It’s just that, you just have to find the right feeling for you to express in words.”

Christmas Time

It’s been too fast, it’s already Christmas. I’m sure we all went through a lot problems that, maybe tripped us and made us touch the ground but still we’re here. Right around the corner it’s already Christmas.

Just as I was getting to my uncle, I saw people scurrying to places they need to be but you know what, that’s not the only thing that is noticeable, you can notice on peoples faces that even though they are busy with their own Christmas celebration they are still enjoying the Christmas vibe. Imagine enjoying the hard work of organizing a celebration, some may say it is insane but the smiles on the peoples faces look way to far from going insane. There’s so many things to do on Christmas season. Planning, Spending and Giving but even so the benefit the people gets is just so little, we still go through it every year. Maybe that’s the reason some view it as a time for hope or a time to appreciate that even though we’ve been through a lot in the past there’s no thing that can say that you can’t be happy because of the problems you face before. I guess you can say that Christmas is a man with a basket of Hope for people.

Aside from people changing when its Christmas you can also notice that the places change as we change. You can see it around you almost as if it is saying that “watch me I’m here too.” Some may not or cannot appreciate the feelings that the places contain, that the people decorated with their own beautiful way but if you just stop and try to look, look like you’re just about to see everything for the first time and you’ll see the place as if it’s not the place you know. Because I experienced it firsthand. Before I went home I stopped by our local Mall and just when I’m already about to exit the mall, I was in the escalator, by chance I happen to look up and then I saw it, I saw a place where I thought I saw many times, don’t get me wrong though, this is not the only time I went to our mall in Christmas Season. Just the day before I was here but still it looked as a new view for me. The lights are shining brighter than before and its as if it’s giving people energy to smile to each other. It gave the feeling of happiness and love in the air.

I think that the real magic of Christmas is, giving us something to hold unto. The feeling that even in the face of all the things that happened there’s still a time where you can believe, that you will be happy and you will feel like there is still hope in dreaming for a better world for you and for me.

Merry Christmas to all of you. The thing to not forget is to open your eyes.

Two old Bird.

As I was walking somewhere near my neighborhood, I happen to past by these two old couples chatting with each other. First I didn’t really give them much of my attention but as I was walking I notice something about them. I don’t know why I felt it but right in front of me at that time, I kind of felt that they have been through a lot to get to where they are now. I saw how they talked with each other, how they play with their words to tease each other and I saw how they we’re happy with just talking with each other. Imagine there are so many other situations that when people are talking with each other they tend to get bored but what I saw in those two old couple was not that, not even a hint of it. I don’t know why but it was mind boggling for me because this is what I thought at that time “How can two people be contented with just talking with each other and be happy about it?” There’s nothing fulfilling about chatting with someone while taking a walk but why is it that they where so lost at their own world that a passerby like me was left in awe because of the feelings they are emitting.

So then my imagination runs wild to try to comprehend why is it that they are like that. I asked myself, how many times have they said “I Love You” at each other? What are the trivial things that they argue about in the past? The problems they face together. Every morning that they waked up in each others arms and see the same face over and over again but still they didn’t get tired of each other. While I was imagining what made their relationship that strong, I thought that, for sure they have made mistakes along the way, mistakes that might have shake them a bit but didn’t break them because I think that they would not smile or can not smile like that if they didn’t correct the wrong things they did.

And after a long time with each other be it a decade or two they are still longing for each other. You could see, if only you we’re there that they don’t want anyone else to be with but each other in that silent night. The feeling of being contented with just being with the one you love and treasuring the time where you can calmly appreciate each others feelings for one another.

I know many of us are trying to find this kind of relationship. As my best friend said to me “You just got to keep hoping you get there.” I don’t know what can the story I just told you do to help you in the world of love, as others call it but I think that the most important thing is appreciating what love really is.

This is for Meunona or as I call her Chubss 😀