Fireworks and the World

New Year just pass by as fast as a blink of an eye. It’s funny how short the margin of the new year occasion but it brings a whole lot more than what you think or expect. New Year brings different things for different people, It can bring them change, happiness and sadness too. Some might say that what happened in New Years is the same as any other occasion but for some it lights the dark path that was once bright for them.

My New Year was amazing because I get to see others, happy as I am. Of course I’m with my family. The other thing is I saw something that I believe is Magic. Why Magic? Because I was so amazed of what Fireworks did to people at that time. It’s as if everyone was being dragged to another world or It’s as if they were being attracted to it. I imagined people where floating because of they’re eager faces looking up at the sky which was lit by all those fireworks. I saw faces that hope for things they want in life, I saw families thankful because they have each other, I saw friends happy because they met each other and I also saw people who was happy because they have passed through every obstacle in their life in the past year.

Not that I researched or something, I just kind a pick it up while watching Television. It said that Fireworks was made to lighten the night sky for the gods or something. The thing is, I don’t know if the people then know how much happiness they will be able to bring to people when they were creating it but it’s thanks to them and their reason that we have something to look up at the night sky at New Years, something so beautiful that everyone can appreciate it the moment they see it.

Some might ask why people is always so happy that New Year is coming. I guess it’s because of all the new things that would come along with it. New toys, New experience, New Friends and also, some wish for themselves to be better than last year so a New self. No one can say that the feelings of each and everyone of the people around the world in that moment when they are waiting for the New Year is of just ordinary and such, because they would be terribly mistaken. If someone would try to materialize it and tries to weight it, It’s as if placing a mountain to what ever apparatus He/She is gonna use, that’s how heavy the feelings of the people I saw but It’s funny it’s not the same as the heavy negative kind of feeling, if anything it brightened the night more at that moment. It is special, that brief moment and all those peoples feelings.

“Beauty can be found in destruction” at least this is what I learned from Fireworks. Imagine a thing of destruction that shows so much beauty. Some might say its insane but its how the world work.

“You just have to appreciate what it brings not what it is”.


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