We have been studying words since when we are kids no doubt about it but when you’re a kid maybe you ask yourself “why do I have to study this?” you already know how to talk, isn’t that enough? but as you grow older maybe you don’t notice but your use of words change as you change. The number of words you say can go from little to who knows hows many or its the other way around. The reason why it also change is because of the things you go through in your life, be it hardships or joy it has a big part on how you will be in the future. The thing is you can also understand yourself through knowing what are the words you said in the past. With that said why is it that words are a big part of us.

Ever wonder how can one or more words change your feeling of everything. Like there is nothing more beautiful for you in that moment but the words you heard. For example, A man that have been waiting for so long for that sweet “Yes” of the woman she loves. All the hardships that comes along in waiting for her answer can’t be compared to the moment she says Yes to him. A word so important that the man resolved to wait to who knows how long until the girl decided to say yes. You can’t imagine the mans happiness after hearing that one word. Its kind of amazing what one word can do to people.

Between people, words doesn’t always bring out the best in them. They hurt each other with it to such length the pain they feel can no longer be express by words. Words can bring people to lose the things they want to feel. Not many appreciates that words can manifest just about anything your soul desires. And so somewhere along the way those unsure feelings are thrown at the world. Doing unthinkable things to people, breaking them to such length that the words they want to say just reflects the words thrown at them. Its funny how little things can flip everything you hold on to and how it can take away the most important things in your life.

Yeah words is not a very good thing to depend on. It can hurt you, make you feel sad and destroy you.

But words can be also be beautiful as it can be terrible. It can change a boy’s dream from being broken to being the dream he really wants to. It can give those people who have fallen and has no one to turn to but themselves, to depend on their feelings and hope that somehow the words they utter can change not just their life but others as well. Those words will make them more stronger and become more beautiful in the future. Words can make those who are about to cry smile as if their satisfied with how everything turned out. Words can make someone who is lost at his/her world to feel contented. Words can deliver a persons feelings, every little bit of it, wholly delivering every memory, emotions and feelings that should be felt by the person who would receive it.

I can go on and on about what good or bad Words bring but the one thing I can say is that “Words brings out the beautiful and terrible things man is capable of. It’s just that, you just have to find the right feeling for you to express in words.”


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