Christmas Time

It’s been too fast, it’s already Christmas. I’m sure we all went through a lot problems that, maybe tripped us and made us touch the ground but still we’re here. Right around the corner it’s already Christmas.

Just as I was getting to my uncle, I saw people scurrying to places they need to be but you know what, that’s not the only thing that is noticeable, you can notice on peoples faces that even though they are busy with their own Christmas celebration they are still enjoying the Christmas vibe. Imagine enjoying the hard work of organizing a celebration, some may say it is insane but the smiles on the peoples faces look way to far from going insane. There’s so many things to do on Christmas season. Planning, Spending and Giving but even so the benefit the people gets is just so little, we still go through it every year. Maybe that’s the reason some view it as a time for hope or a time to appreciate that even though we’ve been through a lot in the past there’s no thing that can say that you can’t be happy because of the problems you face before. I guess you can say that Christmas is a man with a basket of Hope for people.

Aside from people changing when its Christmas you can also notice that the places change as we change. You can see it around you almost as if it is saying that “watch me I’m here too.” Some may not or cannot appreciate the feelings that the places contain, that the people decorated with their own beautiful way but if you just stop and try to look, look like you’re just about to see everything for the first time and you’ll see the place as if it’s not the place you know. Because I experienced it firsthand. Before I went home I stopped by our local Mall and just when I’m already about to exit the mall, I was in the escalator, by chance I happen to look up and then I saw it, I saw a place where I thought I saw many times, don’t get me wrong though, this is not the only time I went to our mall in Christmas Season. Just the day before I was here but still it looked as a new view for me. The lights are shining brighter than before and its as if it’s giving people energy to smile to each other. It gave the feeling of happiness and love in the air.

I think that the real magic of Christmas is, giving us something to hold unto. The feeling that even in the face of all the things that happened there’s still a time where you can believe, that you will be happy and you will feel like there is still hope in dreaming for a better world for you and for me.

Merry Christmas to all of you. The thing to not forget is to open your eyes.


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