Two old Bird.

As I was walking somewhere near my neighborhood, I happen to past by these two old couples chatting with each other. First I didn’t really give them much of my attention but as I was walking I notice something about them. I don’t know why I felt it but right in front of me at that time, I kind of felt that they have been through a lot to get to where they are now. I saw how they talked with each other, how they play with their words to tease each other and I saw how they we’re happy with just talking with each other. Imagine there are so many other situations that when people are talking with each other they tend to get bored but what I saw in those two old couple was not that, not even a hint of it. I don’t know why but it was mind boggling for me because this is what I thought at that time “How can two people be contented with just talking with each other and be happy about it?” There’s nothing fulfilling about chatting with someone while taking a walk but why is it that they where so lost at their own world that a passerby like me was left in awe because of the feelings they are emitting.

So then my imagination runs wild to try to comprehend why is it that they are like that. I asked myself, how many times have they said “I Love You” at each other? What are the trivial things that they argue about in the past? The problems they face together. Every morning that they waked up in each others arms and see the same face over and over again but still they didn’t get tired of each other. While I was imagining what made their relationship that strong, I thought that, for sure they have made mistakes along the way, mistakes that might have shake them a bit but didn’t break them because I think that they would not smile or can not smile like that if they didn’t correct the wrong things they did.

And after a long time with each other be it a decade or two they are still longing for each other. You could see, if only you we’re there that they don’t want anyone else to be with but each other in that silent night. The feeling of being contented with just being with the one you love and treasuring the time where you can calmly appreciate each others feelings for one another.

I know many of us are trying to find this kind of relationship. As my best friend said to me “You just got to keep hoping you get there.” I don’t know what can the story I just told you do to help you in the world of love, as others call it but I think that the most important thing is appreciating what love really is.

This is for Meunona or as I call her Chubss 😀


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